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ADER WU ART ADVISORY is an international art services business working with emerging artists across gallery partnership exhibitions, public art projects, video production, publishing, printmaking, digital, curation and art research and analysis.

Working With the Best Clients and Partners

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Web 3 Art

The art market can be confusing, fragmented, and inefficient, giving a significant advantage to those who have access to superior information. At Ader Wu Art Advisory, we understand the unique needs and goals of our clients and provide them with tailored insight on whether they should buy or sell artwork through an auction, gallerist, or dealer. We work with a team of skilled art professionals and experts in the legal industry across our international network to offer services such as confirming the value and authenticity of the artwork, assessing its condition, reviewing its provenance, history of exhibition and publication, and related due diligence work. Our extensive experience in the art industry has taught us how to navigate the complexities associated with art transactions, and our clients can rest assured that they are in capable hands when they work with us.

From Miami to London, Venice to Beijing, Basel to Bangkok, we have accomplished several cutting-edge cross boundary public art projects with both art institution and commercial brand. Renowned clients include Adidas, Lancôme, Lay’s ,J W Marriott, and tech corporations including Alibaba, Tik Tok, Tencent et al. Our team partnered with galleries to deliver art fair, public art and exhibition projects in the United States, Italy, United Kingdom, Switzerland, China and Thailand. We enjoy working and look for experimenting with various partner and client to work on next spectacular projects in public.

The growth of Ader Wu Art Advisory parallels with the development of social media and technology. In 2023, the internet domain .ART which is for the world’s art and creative community invited Ader Wu as .ART Ambassador to represent and promote .ART initiatives. Half of our successfully delivered public art project were worked with digital, animation and new media artists. Partnering with various pioneer tech companies, we offer both individual and institutional creator with the fundamentally technical support and Web 3 project opportunities.

Meet our board

ADER WU ART ADVISORY team is honored to have a distinguished group of international leaders with expertise in a wide range of areas to supervise and provide the strategic foresight to the executive team’s work throughout Europe, Asia and North America.

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